If you’re preparing to move, you’re probably busy checking items off your to-do list. But don’t forget one important task: letting people and companies know about your change of address. Check out the list below to help you organize and remember who to notify when you move.

Your Employer

Your employer probably already knows that you’re moving, but they’ll need official notification of the new address. Don’t forget to inform the human resources department or appropriate benefits employee of the updates to your information. You’ll want to continue receiving important tax paperwork and other documents.

Utility Companies are Important Places to Notify of Your Change of Address

As soon as you decide on a moving date, notify your utility providers, including water, electricity, and internet, that you’ll need your services shut off at your old address. Schedule services to be turned on at your new home (the day before you move is ideal), so you’ll have working utilities on move-in day.


You’ll need a license with your new address, which may require a trip to the DMV. Be sure to bring necessary documents to verify your new address, such as a gas bill or lease/deed for your new home. Check the internet for the DMV office in your area. Their website should list the exact paperwork you’ll need.

Notify the USPS of Your Change of Address

The post office is relatively straightforward when filing for a change of address, and you can even take care of it online. Try to do this at least two weeks before your moving date to make sure your mail is forwarded as soon as you relocate.

Financial Institutions

If you receive communication from your bank through the mail, including account statements or credit card offers, add the bank to your list of companies to notify when you move. You can call their customer service department or check the website to change your address officially.

Online Shopping Websites

Change your address with websites where you frequently shop to avoid mix-ups and missed packages. If you often shop online, it’s helpful to create a checklist of websites where you’ll need to update your contact information.

Friends and Family Want to be Notified of Your Change of Address

You’ve likely informally told your friends and family that you’re moving, but send a postcard or email with your new address as a reminder. Your friends will appreciate the notification, and you won’t miss important correspondence and invitations.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Don’t forget to alert the IRS to your address change before filing your taxes, especially if you receive your tax refunds via the mail. Check the IRS website for their official change-of-address form.

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