Do you feel like you don’t have enough space in your home? You may have collected things over the years, however, too many belongings can take over your home, especially if you have a small house. Declutter your home with these tips. You’ll find that less is more when you simplify your life.

Creative Storage to Declutter Your Home

Storage could be one of your biggest problems if your home is cluttered. When you don’t have enough space to store things, they begin to pile up throughout your home.

Add more cabinets to your kitchen. Choose coffee tables and end tables with drawers underneath. Buy a bed frame that has built-in storage. Add shelves to your living space in areas where it is convenient. Make the most of your wall space by adding hooks.

Clear Out Your Kitchen

Start with your kitchen when you are ready to declutter. Your first step is to clear out anything that shouldn’t be there. If your mail is piling up on the counter, move it elsewhere until you can sort through it.

Your number one rule is everything should have a place. A hanging rack overhead for pots and pans will free up space in cabinets so your small kitchen appliances won’t have to sit on the counter.

Tackle Your Bathroom

Sort through all the items in your bathroom. If you have rows and rows of bottles on a shelf, it’s time to throw some of these away and only keep what’s necessary. Don’t pile miscellaneous items into doors and cabinets. Neatly fold towels and place them on shelves. Use an over-the-door compartment organizer to hold things that you use frequently.

Get Rid of Knick Knacks to Declutter Your Home

You don’t need to cover every surface or shelf in your home with something decorative. Only keep your favorite pieces and remove everything else. Give the items you are getting rid of to a thrift store or sell more valuable items.

When you declutter, be selective about what you want to keep. In the end, you will be creating a more tidy and relaxing environment for yourself and others.

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