A garage is designed to keep your car protected from the elements. With some planning and organization, it’s also a great place for your gardening tools, lawn equipment, and sporting gear. Here are a few smart garage storage solutions to get you started.

Pegboards for Tools and Equipment

Lawn and garden equipment – a rake, shovel, pruning shears, and other tools – take up a lot of space, and sometimes you can’t find the tool that you need quickly.

Pegboards are a great storage solution for household and garden tools. Add hooks, bins, shelves, and baskets that attach to the pegboard to organize a variety of things.

Metal Tool Rack

Like pegboards, metal tool racks are an easy-to-install storage solution. Install these on the wall and include strong hooks for long-handled tools. A tool rack will keep tools neatly organized and off the floor.

Garage Storage Solutions Include Plastic Bins

Level up your garage storage by adding a bin storage area. Place plastic bins on sturdy shelving to keep them off the ground and in one place. Improve your organization system by sorting the bins by color and adding labels.

Overhead Storage Racks

A great way to maximize the space in your garage is to install storage on the ceiling. Purchase strong metal racks to hold belongings that you don’t use often. These racks mount to the ceiling rafters and can hold bins of out-of-season clothing and holiday décor.


An easy way to hide clutter in your garage is by installing cabinets. Use bins, baskets, and hooks to organize items within the cabinets. Closed cabinet doors will protect your belongings and help keep the space looking neat.

Garage Storage Solutions for Your Bicycles

Maximize the space in your garage by hanging your bike, ladders, and other large items from the ceiling. Many ceiling storage systems have a pulley to help you hoist the item off the ground. Hanging your items on the ceiling frees up more space.

Ideas for Toy Storage in the Garage

Toy storage is essential when you have kids in your family. Toys often end up scattered around the garage, so set aside a place for your kids to keep their things. Teaching your children to clean up after playing will help the garage stay clean and tidy. A large basket, plastic bin, or shelving rack is a good place to start for toy storage. Add on to your system as necessary.

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