The end of winter is a good time to start thinking about getting your home ready to sell in spring. There are 5 main steps to prepare your home for sale, starting with ordering a seller’s inspection. Follow this guide to sell your home quickly and for a good price.

Have Your Home Inspected

Before making any renovations or repairs, order a professional home inspection. Though there will be another inspection once you receive an offer, your buyer doesn’t want to be surprised by problems and you certainly don’t either.

When the buyer’s inspection reveals unexpected problems, it puts a snag in the transaction. The buyer may re-negotiate or even back out of the deal. You can eliminate this risk by having a pre-listing inspection before any potential buyers ever tour the home. You’ll receive a complete report on the home’s systems and components and can make any updates or repairs ahead of listing your home.

Fix Minor Issues Yourself to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

One benefit of having your home inspected before listing it is that you can make repairs on your own time and save money by doing some of them yourself. Even if problems are minor or cosmetic and don’t affect the functioning of the house, it’s best to fix them and give potential buyers a more favorable impression when touring the home.

Hire a Professional to Fix Major Problems

If there are serious problems like a failing roof, rotting structural beams, a mold infestation, or termite damage, hire a professional to make repairs before listing the home.

Your buyer will find out about any serious issue through their own home inspection. If you have not disclosed the problem or fixed it, the buyer will likely negotiate for the repair or a reduced list price to allow for it. They may even request that you use a specific contractor, who may not be the most affordable. You’ll be better off handling these problems first.

Work with Your Agent to Price the Home

Landing on an asking price for your listing is a critical step in selling your home. It is important to price it accurately and fairly. You’ll get some insight on what the home is worth from the inspection report and by comparing prices of similar homes in your neighborhood. Consider your home’s size and features, property size, and overall condition, then follow your agent’s lead.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell by Improving Curb Appeal

After repairing and improving the house, focus on the yard and the front-facing facade. In springtime, new growth will shoot up quickly and can make the property look overgrown and unkempt. Mow the lawn and trim back trees, bushes, and shrubs. Plant some flowers in pots on the porch and in beds lining the walkway to the entrance.

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