When you add lights to your outdoor living space, you can stay outside safely after the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting also helps improve your property’s security. Here are 5 different ways to light up your outdoor living space.

Fix Up Light Fixtures

If you already have light fixtures hardwired onto your deck or porch, take some time to spruce them up. One option is to replace the light fixtures altogether and choose some that are more modern to update the space. A more affordable route is to remove and clean your existing fixtures. If any of the metal is rusted or fading, touch it up with a coat of black or metallic spray paint.

Hang String Lights to Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

String lights are a favorite way for homeowners to light up porches, decks, and patios. They come in countless different styles and both electric and solar-powered options. If the area is covered, attach hooks to the perimeter of the ceiling to hang string lights. If it isn’t covered, you can still hang string lights overhead by attaching them to poles on either side.

Solar Stake Lights are Easy to Install

Solar stake lights are affordable and easy to install outdoor lighting options. Once placed into the ground, the battery charges during the day and the light turns on automatically at night. If the area is too shady, solar lights aren’t the best option because they might not get enough sunlight to charge. These lights are great for lining pathways, outlining the edges of flower beds, showing where steps begin, and illuminating planters.

Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are a more expensive option that is hardwired into the electrical system, so professional installation is required. Bollard lights are posts with lights on the top that give an upscale look to your landscape. You can set them up to turn on automatically at dusk or connect them to a switch.

Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space for Safety

Outdoor lighting makes your property safer because people are less likely to stumble and fall at night in an area that is well-lit. Pay special attention to lighting outdoor steps to prevent tripping and falling. Also, a well-lit property is less likely to be targeted by burglars. Thieves look for dark houses to break into, where they can trespass on the property without being seen. Motion-sensor lights are especially effective for deterring criminal activity on your property.

Outdoor lighting improves ambiance, safety, and security. If your outdoor spaces are dark at night, use some of the above ideas to light up your property.

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