In order to keep family members healthy, take steps to promote wellness in the home. In the midst of the pandemic, many people are spending more time at home than ever before. Use these tips to make it easier for you and your family to take care of yourselves.

Test Your Drinking Water to Promote Wellness in the Home

Whether you have well water or yours comes from a municipal source, it’s important to know what your family is ingesting. Order a water-quality test or request a water report from your utility so that you know the contaminants in your home’s drinking water.

When you identify the minerals, sediment, and chemicals in your water, you’ll have the information you need to choose the proper water filter for your home. Purified water tastes and smells better and your family will drink more when the water is clean and fresh.

Make a Home Gym

If you have space in the basement or attic, build a home gym. You’re more likely to exercise when you have a dedicated space. Purchase a workout machine like a treadmill, rowing machine, or weight bench and add to your gym as you have the money.

If space is limited, designate a smaller area elsewhere in your home for working out. Claim a corner of the family room, enclosed porch, or guest bedroom for your workout space. Include a basket with yoga mats, a set of hand weights, resistance bands, and a small speaker for your workout playlist.

Use an Air Purifier to Promote Wellness in the Home

Especially if you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma, an air purifier will help alleviate the symptoms. A purification device uses a filter to trap contaminants from the air and prevent them from recirculating. Air purifiers are designed to work within a specific room size. Install air purifiers in common spaces of your home and in the bedrooms of allergy sufferers.

Get Some Houseplants

Houseplants add color and life to our indoor spaces. Along with helping to purify the air, keeping houseplants offers other benefits like providing sound buffering for quieter living areas. To help boost wellness, add houseplants to improve your indoor aesthetic.

Update Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Make improvements to your backyard deck or patio to encourage family members to spend more time outdoors. Add comfortable furniture, pillows, a patio umbrella, and an outdoor rug to brighten the spaces.

Soft fabrics, outdoor curtains, and throw blankets will make the area more comfortable. If you don’t have a deck or patio, hang a hammock between two trees and add blankets so you have a spot to enjoy a book outside. Updated outdoor spaces help promote wellness by giving your family a break from TV, cell phones, and computer screens.

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