Good landscaping adds value to your home and boosts curb appeal. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a lot of money and effort to spruce up your lawn. You’ll need a bit of free time and a few good ideas. Below are a few easy tips to improve your landscaping without breaking the bank.

Improve Your Landscaping: Plant Trees

Trees provide shade and dimension to your yard. Growing trees will take time, many years, depending on the variety. Carefully determine where you will plant trees, considering how large they’ll eventually grow to be. Don’t plant trees close to your home because roots can infiltrate your underground plumbing pipes and cause problems.

If the trees grow tall, they could pose a potential danger to your property if they were to fall, or they might disturb overhead power lines. Research different species of trees to know how large they will be once fully grown, and choose those that are best for your property.

Install a Water Feature

Adding a water feature is one of the best trends for creating a focal point. Fountains, ponds, and waterfalls are attractive and provide a serene environment with soothing sounds. Most water features are relatively easy to install, and many homeowners can DIY these projects.

Add a birdbath to your garden if you’re not feeling up to building a small pond or maintaining a fountain. Birds and bees will appreciate a water source, and it’s a simple way to add height and texture to a flower bed.

Add Hardscaping

Don’t limit your landscape to just plants. Incorporate some hardscape features as well. They provide shape and structure to the yard. Pergolas, arbors, trellises, and patios are hardscape features that are popular among homeowners.

Improve Your Landscaping with Lighting

Updating the outdoor lighting is undoubtedly one of the easiest and most affordable landscaping upgrades. Good lighting boosts curb appeal and significantly impacts the lawn after dusk. Lighting plays many roles, from illuminating sidewalks and pathways for safety to showcasing focal points in the landscape. Install new light fixtures alongside paths and around fountains to highlight the yard’s attractive features.

Buy Low-Maintenance Plants

No one wants to spend hours every weekend maintaining the plants. Beautiful or not, some plants need a lot of maintenance and upkeep to survive. You may resent the landscaping if it causes you too much work. It’s better to settle for low-maintenance plants that are drought-resistant and appropriate for your local climate. Shop for perennials that will return year after year.

Create a Garden Mound

Another easy landscaping tip for your lawn is to build a mound, or berm, to add height to lower areas. Berms create a garden bed to add color and texture to dull, unused spaces. Add height by building a mound and covering it with rock or a flower garden. You can place the berm anywhere, but they are very effective when placed in the corner of the yard.

When planning the landscape design, consider factors such as the primary use of the landscape, local climate, and the maintenance routine. Choose a plan that aligns with your location and meets your needs. The above tips will help you create and maintain a beautiful yard with less effort and at an affordable price.

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