The basement is one of the most functional and versatile spaces in a home, but many homeowners fail to use it to its full potential. If you avoid going downstairs because it’s overflowing with boxes, clutter, old toys, and exercise equipment, it’s time to organize your basement. Here are some of the easiest ways to transform the space from an eyesore into an asset.

Clean Out the Basement

Before you organize, it’s helpful to understand precisely what you’re storing down there. Clear everything out of the space and place it in the garage or driveway while you work. Once all your belongings are out of your basement, sweep and mop the room. Remove cobwebs, wash the walls, and dust shelves and other storage units.

If your basement was cluttered, check the space for signs of pest activity, water damage, or foundation issues. Once the area is in good condition, you are ready to start organizing.

Declutter Your Basement to Organize the Space

Before putting everything back in the space, sort your belongings and declutter. Make four piles or use boxes to separate the items: trash or recycling, items to be donated, things you’ll keep, and belongings that need to be stored elsewhere.

If you have issues with moisture in the basement, keep water-sensitive items like upholstery, books, pillows, and linens somewhere else in the home.

Give Yourself a Deadline

Decluttering, selling, and disposing of unwanted items is time-consuming. That is why it’s a good idea to give yourself a deadline. Make a plan to finish the sorting and decluttering process within a specific timeframe. Box up items you’ll donate, put them in the car, and drop them off next time you run errands. If there is no thrift store near you, find a non-profit to pick the items up. An organization that can use your stuff will sometimes bring a truck to your home and haul things away for you.

Choose the Right Storage to Organize Your Basement

Now that you know what you’ll store in your basement, select the correct type of storage. If you don’t park your car in the basement, you have plenty of options. Install shelving, create a workbench, and make a space to organize the kids’ toys.

Arts and crafts supplies could be collected in a rolling cart or a small chest of drawers. Sporting equipment might be displayed on the wall or sorted into bins, one for each sport. Shelves are useful for holding home improvement supplies, like paints, spackle, caulk, and hand tools.

Install Wall Storage

If you use the basement as a garage, you’ll need room for the vehicles. Pegboard is a good idea to hold tools, craft supplies, and gardening equipment because it doesn’t take up floor space. When you organize your basement, there are plenty of options for wall storage. Shelving, pegboard, and wall hooks are easy to install and use.

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