One of the most unpleasant things a homeowner can discover is mold. Every type of mold is not an immediate threat to your health, but many types are toxic and degrade the indoor air quality and materials in your home. When mold is allowed to thrive unchecked, it is much more expensive to remediate than acting early to prevent mold growth. Here are the best ways to stop mold before it grows and spreads.

Why Does Mold Growth Happen?

Mold spores are virtually invisible, and they are present in the air outside and indoors. When the spores land on damp surfaces, mold could start to grow. This is why mold is most commonly found in the basement, bathroom, and kitchen. To prevent mold growth, focus on eliminating excess humidity and moisture. When surfaces are dry, the spores are less likely to multiply.

Schedule an Inspection to Prevent Mold Growth 

Professional home inspectors are experts at discovering problems when examining your house. At the end of the inspection, your inspector will supply you with a detailed report that may reveal potential causes of mold, like leaks. 

Fix Leaks to Prevent Mold Growth

The presence of moisture in your home after basement flooding or a roof leak does not mean that mold growth will occur, but the conditions are favorable. Act quickly and invest in professional remediation services to prevent mold in your home. Pros will remove excess water from the space and dehumidify the area, so mold spores are unable to multiply.

Keep Humidity Levels Stable

Even if there is no active leak, high humidity levels create an environment where mold can flourish. Maintaining steady humidity levels helps to prevent mold growth in the home. If you live in an older house or one that is not energy efficient, use a dehumidifier in the summer and a humidifier in the winter. On top of limiting the potential for mold growth, this will also extend the life of wooden flooring and components of your home.

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