Renovating the basement and creating more livable space is a great way to boost your property value. No matter how you decide to use the area, improvements offer a solid return on your investment. Whether you’re preparing to list your home for sale or planning to live there for many years, here are a few ideas to renovate the basement.

Renovate the Basement by Creating a Game Room

A popular use of basement space is converting the area to a game room. If you have children, this might involve a ping-pong table or foosball game. For adults, your game room could feature a pool table, a fully stocked bar, and a big-screen TV. Add couches for comfortable seating and purchase some stools for the bar area. Install quality flooring that can stand up to foot traffic and occasional spills. Add a rug beneath the game table to help stabilize the table and reduce noise.

Home Office

With more people transitioning to working from home, the basement can be converted into a functional office space. This area tends to be quieter and, because it’s separate from the rest of the house, you’re not as likely to be disturbed while working. Paint the walls in a color that feels energizing. Install comfortable carpeting or throw rugs. Purchase a desk and comfortable chair. Choose lamps to illuminate the space and perhaps add brighter task lighting over a work table.

Build an Efficiency Apartment

Another great idea for renovating the basement is to turn the space into a studio apartment. Especially if you live in a desirable part of town, this is an excellent way to earn some extra income. This type of basement renovation will be a bigger investment. You’ll have to add a bathroom and cooking area, but you can recoup your expenses by renting the space and you can sell the property for a higher asking price. A separate living space can also be used to house an elderly family member who doesn’t want to live alone. An apartment allows them the privacy and comfort of independent living, while still being close to family.

Renovate the Basement to Add a Guest Bedroom

If you frequently host friends and guests, convert the basement into a guest room. Paint the room in neutral colors that appeal to anyone. Decorate with throw pillows and art to add color. Build a closet and, if you have space, have a bathroom constructed for your guests to use. If you are working with a smaller space, install shelves on the wall and provide under-bed storage. In a larger guest room, add a comfortable chair for reading and a seating area.

Create a Home Theater

With modern technology and ever-improving home speaker systems, you can create a theater in your basement. The lack of light in most basement areas provides the perfect environment for a dark, cozy theater setting. Install a row or two of comfortable seating and mount a large screen TV to the wall. Alternatively, you might use a projector and screen for watching movies.

To take your movie-watching nights to the next level, install rope lighting on the floor, add a popcorn machine in the corner, and use smartphone apps to control the room lighting and sound.

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